How to Use Meditations to Heal Yourself

Law of Attraction – How to Use Meditation to Get What You Want More Easily

We’ve been talking about how the law of attraction works to bring you more and more of those things that you’re giving your attention to. For many people, that means they get more and more things and experiences they don’t want. But this can be changed. The question is, how.

Many people who try using the law of attraction start by doing affirmations. I’m wealthy. I’m abundant. I have the perfect body shape. That kind of thing. These affirmations can be very helpful. Effective, if used properly. The problem is that. Many people, they could go on saying them for a hundred years. Nothing would change. Why’s this Because deep down, they don’t really believe in what they’re saying. it’s as though they’ve two “voices”. Speaking at the same time. One is doing the affirmation and the other is saying, No I’m not, No I haven’t.

That other “voice”. Is showing what the person is really thinking and feeling. This is the part of you that’s doing the attracting. There are many different names for this aspect of oneself. Some people call it the subconscious. Whatever you call it, it’s the sum total of all your stored-up thoughts and life experiences to date, going right back to your childhood. The way to change the things you’re attracting is to change the “settings”. On this, to give you more control over it. But how can you achieve that?

We’ve found that meditation is probably the best way. So you might ask, does that mean I’ve to walk barefoot up to an almost inaccessible Himalayan cave to find a yogi to teach me. Live in a Zen monastery in Japan for 20 years These might well be the best way to learn meditation. For most people, they’re not realistic options. So do you sign up for a meditation class? Spend 3 hours a day sitting in meditation Again, although this is slightly more acceptable, still many of us find it hard to commit several hours a day.

The good news is that there are now programs using audio technology which greatly speed up the process of meditation. it’s now possible to practice deep meditation, while at the same time carrying on with a full and busy lifestyle, without stress. You can find out more about some of these. Other aspects of using the law of attraction, by going to our “Design Your Life”. Blog. Just click on the link below.

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